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Fitness Fashion: A Guide to Fitness Apparel for Transgender Women

Fitness fashion guide for transgender women: tips on choosing supportive, feminine workout gear, including sizing and tucking, with store suggestions.

Posture Perfection: Exercises to Improve Posture and Feminine Presentation

Enhance feminine presentation with posture-improving exercises and stretches. Build strength, flexibility with this comprehensive guide for transgender women.

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Funds for the Dolls: Uplifting Trans Women of Color in Arts

TCG's Funds for the Dolls grants up to $10K to trans women of color in theatre, led by Merrique Jenson and Qween Jean, supporting their artistry and essential needs.


Basic Massage Techniques: A Guide for Transgender Individuals in Relationships

Master basic massage techniques safely by avoiding common mistakes, and fostering intimacy. Enhance your partner’s relaxation and emotional connection.

Trans Relationships: Understanding Stealthing and Consent

Explore the issue of stealthing in trans relationships, focusing on consent, and safety. Learn to build trust and navigate this complex decision.

Father’s Day Reflections: Navigating Family Dynamics as a Transgender Individual

Father’s Day for transgender individuals: navigating complex family dynamics, balancing identity with parenthood, and celebrating with love.

Navigating Insecurities: How Trans People Can Avoid Projecting Trauma onto Loved Ones

Trans individuals can manage insecurities and avoid projecting trauma onto relationships through self-awareness, communication, and empathy.


Gender-affirming care is vital for transgender individuals. It's not a choice. Support includes social, psychological, and medical care for well-being.


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